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Like the air we breathe, movies are central to our lives.

They transport us to other worlds, tell stories about shared experiences and help us understand differences. Films make us laugh, cry, think, reconsider and feel surprising emotions. For us, movies are a common language, forming a long and ever-growing history.

Inspiration for Artsphoria Movie Reviews and Film Forum

The impetus behind this new edition of Artsphoria began at our local library a couple of years ago. As we explored the extraordinary collections at several branches, we began borrowing batches of movies to watch each week. Some were old favorites, others were treasured classics and additional ones were new discoveries.

This movie book, with photos from one of the best eras of film making, was discovered at a library sale.

Our regular ritual offered enjoyment on many levels. Time spent in our popular “community center” was always appealing. Before or after dipping into our favorite newspapers, magazines and books, we began hunting for movie sustenance to carry us through the week.

The selection process was interesting on its own. Similar to book magnets, certain DVD covers called our attention. Sometimes, quotes from reviews or award notes were a pull. Always in search of a good laugh, we found that the right type of comedy jumped on top of the heap.

As we settled in for movie night, the stress of each day started to melt away. We watched the opening with curiosity, wondering how the story would unfold. An ongoing discussion throughout the film, along with questions, preceded the special features with additional film-making insights or behind-the-scenes interviews with those on the set.

Comment on Artsphoria Movie Reviews and Film Forum

Throughout these pages, you’ll find some of our film finds, rediscoveries and reviews. This archive is a way of preserving ongoing thought and discussion about these movies and learning about the intriguing film-making process. Join us as we take a deep dive into our treasured movie world, and post your comments now!