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Back to Burgundy: Full-Bodied Saga Fermented at a Family Winery

Movie review by Andrea Karen Hammer

Back to Burgundy is a full-bodied saga fermented at a family winery across generations.

In performances hitting authentic notes, Pio Marmai (Jean), Ana Girardot (Juliette) and Francois Civil (Jérémie) portray the entangled, sometimes troubled but ultimately loving siblings. As they deal with the loss of their father, the trio struggle to resolve unsettled issues including paying an astronomical inheritance tax, deciding what to sell or keep and reaching a consensus on their future course as well as the operation of the family’s winery.

Stunning Cinematography: Juxtaposition of Seasonal Snapshots in Visual Poetry

One of the many strengths of this stirring film is the stunning cinematography. The juxtaposition of seasonal snapshots with expansive views of the land and breathtaking time-lapse photography showing gradual growth of the grapes create visual poetry.

Simultaneously layering and interweaving the siblings’ personal stories, struggles and development adds depth and meaning as the two components continue to evolve. Genuinely rendered and deeply moving moments–such as the trio comforting each other after learning about their father’s death–are laced with even greater richness when referenced to mirror images of them in similar positions as children.

Movie Scenes and Bonus Feature With Cédric Klapisch Leave a Lasting Imprint

Along with many other scenes that make a lasting imprint, brilliant exchanges between the oldest son’s adult and childhood selves lead to growth, resolution and desperately needed inner peace. Similarly applauded moments included watching the daughter, Juliette, build confidence in her wine-making decisions and tapping into personal power to run the winery following her next-generation vision.

In a fascinating bonus feature, co-screenplay writer and director Cédric Klapisch offers thoughtful insights about the themes and film-making process. This extraordinary movie is definitely one that you don’t want to miss.

Questions for Artsphoria’s Online Film Forum

What did you think about the ending of Back to Burgundy? Did you find the conclusion a satisfying one for the siblings? Why or why not?

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