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Paris Can Wait: Exquisite Film Travelogue

Movie review by Andrea Karen Hammer

Paris Can Wait is a visually delicious film from beginning to end.

Viewers follow Diane Lane‘s character, Anne, who takes a trip to Paris–with constant detours. With the help of her husband’s charming business associate, Jacques (Arnaud Viard), she rediscovers her passion for life. Together, they enjoy artistically presented meals and picnics, which she photographs zealously, along with beautiful scenes during their travels.

Central Character Re-Blooms in Movie With Exquisite Cinematography 

After some resistance, Anne starts to re-bloom with the attention of Jacques. His attentive, flirtatious and complimentary style provides a stark contrast to her constantly distracted husband, played by the unlikely Alec Baldwin. Perhaps cast to create a deliberate mismatch, this “pair” extends the visible cue from his socks, with different colors and patterns.

In contrast, the beautiful cinematography makes this film a divine one to watch. Attention to details and closeups of flowers, food and architecture allow viewers to feel directly immersed in the Parisian film travelogue.

Bonus Material With Fascinating Details About Writer/ Director Eleanor Coppola

Extra features at the end of the movie extend this sense of sheer delight. An interview with Eleanor Coppola reveals that the wife of Francis Ford Coppola (renowned American screenwriter, director and producer) came into her own as a female director at the age of 78.

Diane Lane, with the gift of expressing a full range of emotions in her eyes and face, also explains that she joined the project to “empower” the work of this female director. Another interesting discovery in the bonus material is that Eleanor Coppola, who also wrote the screenplay, had an experience similar to the one in the film–reminding her to enjoy life fully.

Recurring Questions and Your Thoughts?

On a second viewing of Paris Can Wait the same questions still remain: Did Anne and Arnaud meet again a few months later as he suggested? How do you think the film title connects to the actual story, or does it express the opposite?

Please post your thoughts and reactions to Paris Can Wait now!



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