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A Dog’s Purpose: A Delightful Romp

Movie review by Andrea Karen Hammer

From the opening frame of a closeup of a dog with soulful eyes, animal lovers will find this comedydrama deeply touching and entertaining.

A Dog’s Purpose will particularly speak to those who have lost cherished pets and risked repeating that painful experience by adopting new furry friends again. Anyone who has recognized similarities in adopted pets–separated by lives and years–will experience a sense of validation in the premise of this story, following four different reincarnated dogs.

Comedy-Drama Focuses on Dogs’ Perspective

Based on the book by W. Bruce Cameron, A Dog’s Purpose reminds viewers of the importance of having fun and simply focusing on today. Told from the perspective of four adorable creatures, the charming tale literally offers dogs’  perception of the world. As the camera maintains their eye level, viewers instantly share their excitement of running through a field , chasing a ball or sleeping at a human friend’s feet.

The film excels at capturing the powerful bond between humans and their loyal furry friends. Viewers watch, in amazement, as the dogs protect and comfort their caretakers in all types of circumstances. Remarkable scenes involve one dog alerting his family to a house fire and another rescuing a drowning woman by pulling her by the shirt.

Film Captures Powerful and Unconditional Love 

Beyond the extraordinary physical feats and training involved, A Dog’s Purpose stirs viewers’ emotions. Pet lovers who have experienced this powerful and unconditional love will find that the movie rings true, along with the musical score.

Bryce Gheisar and K. J. Apa play the 8-year-old and teenage Ethan, respectively. Along with Denis Quaid as the adult Ethan, they all deliver convincing performances. Bonus material about the dogs and interviews with the screenwriters enhance the movie experience further.

When you need to watch a lighter film filled with affection, A Dog’s Purpose is a welcome change of pace and a delightful romp.



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