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The Movie Edie: Uplifting Film About Older Woman Climbing Mount Suilven in Scotland

By Andrea Karen Hammer

If you feel like you are climbing a steep mountain with the summit beyond your reach, the movie Edie will give you a boost to the top.

The phenomenal 83-year-old Sheila Hancock (when the film was made in 2017) stars in the central role of a woman finally pursuing her own happiness. Defying the often negative and largely non-existent image of older women in films, this actress reveals her personal and professional power climbing Mount Suilven  in Scotland. As she sheds her subdued demeanor and the crushing weight of caring for a controlling and incapacitated husband, Edie experiences true happiness–for the first time in decades–while pursuing her lifelong dream.

Unlikely Duo Forms Special Friendship Despite Generational Differences

Reluctantly hiring the young guide Jonny (Kevin Guthrie), Edie ultimately forms a special friendship with the young worker in a camping shop. After disastrous early encounters that focus on their generational differences, the characters (who Sheila Hancock and Kevin Guthrie enliven) gradually find common ground and ways to “train” and enlighten each other with their respective strengths. The unlikely duo discovers surprising pleasure enjoying nature and companionship together, along with hearty laughter–all registered with the endearing charm of both spectacular performances.

Outstanding Cinematography Captures Granular Details and Expansive Shots 

The outstanding cinematography captures granular details as well as expansive views, which offer welcome perspective. Poetic observations include the juxtaposition of leaves with sunlight shining through them to reveal the veins next to those in Edie’s hands. Other equally striking images are closeups of droplets dripping from a bathtub faucet before showing larger river shots.

Bonus Material With Behind-the-Scenes Look at Musical Recording for Film and Uplifting Interviews

Bonus material of interest includes a behind-the-scenes look at the stirring musical recording for the movie Edie. An interview with Sheila Hancock is particularly memorable because of her discussion about refusing to let the film crew down during the strenuous trek while filming–a principle that each member of this production upheld with equal determination.

The movie Edie is simply a tour de force, which rightfully earned multiple film festival awards. For an immediate lift that will help you overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, this film about climbing Mount Suilven in Scotland is definitely one to watch!





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