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Fisherman’s Friends: Romantic Comedy Brimming With Authenticity

By Andrea K. Hammer

During a welcome new period marked by authenticity–one of Artsphoria’s favorite words–Fisherman’s Friends is a great example of this quality in the film world.

The first sign of genuineness in Fisherman’s Friends, a romantic comedy based on a true story, is the calm opening scene showing a remote Cornish village. Instead of the flashing lights and big-jolt shocks that many films serve up within the first few minutes, this movie simply focuses on the exquisite landscape and tranquil waters of the area. Along with the lilting singing of local fisherman, the tone is set for a bona fide film experience.

Natural Group of Actors Portray Villagers Committed to True Friendship

As the central force for this rare quality, a natural group of actors portrays the hard-working and personally connected villagers. The refreshingly unknown and down-to-earth performers leave viewers wondering if they are actual residents. With an uplifting and faith-restoring commitment to true friendship, community and consensus, the singing fisherman consistently follow their  core values–even when facing the strong temptations of fame and fortune.

Music Executive Forced to Confront Personal Integrity and Definition of True Success

In stark contrast, the hit-and-run prank of London music executive and boss Troy (Noel Clarke) puts his colleague Danny (Daniel Mays) to the test. Although both actors are deliberately posed as “fish out of water,” the initially false challenge of signing the singers ultimately leads to Danny’s personal transformation. As he spends time with the salt-of-the-earth villagers, the actor effectively reveals how his character is forced to confront questions about his personal integrity and definition of true success.

Romantic Relationship Pivotal Part of Enlightenment and Struggle to Rebuild Trust

As Daniel Mays‘ love interest in the village, Tuppence Middleton as Alwyn is a pivotal part of Danny’s enlightenment, through her unique blend of exterior gentleness but underlying toughness. Tuppence Middleton, who manages to convey an innocent yet world-worn quality, excels at portraying a young woman struggling to rebuild her own ability to trust and form a romantic relationship.

Simple Story About Important Subjects–Without Glitz, Artifice or Pretense or Unnecessary Ornamentation

From beginning to end, Fisherman’s Friends is a romantic comedy and fairly simple story about important subjects, which rings true on every level–without the need to rely on glitz, artifice, pretense or unnecessary ornamentation.


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