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Two Weeks Notice: Perfect Timing in Romantic Comedy Delivers Hearty Laughter

By Andrea Karen Hammer

Some movies, like Two Weeks Notice, are even more enjoyable after multiple viewings. Favorite scenes are funnier, and actors’ chemistry seems stronger in this romantic comedy.

The ensured delivery of hearty laughter outweighs previously noted and minor editorial distractions such as the missing apostrophe in the film title. With shifting priorities during a time when comedy is highly valued, many will find that Two Weeks Notice offers a couple of lighthearted hours with two popular stars.

Sandra Bullock Balances Comedic, Romantic and Serious Sides of Role

Widely recognized as an award-winning actress, the affable Sandra Bullock claims a firm foothold on her ability to balance the comedic, romantic and serious sides of her role as attorney Lucy Kelson in this movie. From the opening scenes with adorable photos of her as a young girl to her mastery of physical comedy, this down-to-earth and natural actress forms an immediate connection with her audience. Her hysterical facial expressions and and bumbling mannerisms–from spilling coffee on her shirt to hilariously awkward running in high heels and a form-fitting gown–make the actress and her character in Two Weeks Notice immensely likable.

Hugh Grant in a More Relaxed Role Reveals Bemused Twinkle and Impeccable Timing

As the reluctant legal adviser to the wealthy George Wade (Hugh Grant), Sandra Bullock is particular convincing as the grassroots advocate working tirelessly to save a New York community center. As proof that opposites attract, the actors play off each other with impeccable timing, particularly in a scene when a bathroom is needed with urgency. With a bemused twinkle in his eye as he watches Sandra Bullock’s antics, Hugh Grant has a more relaxed role in this film than some of his high-collared, stiff-necked portrayals like the one in Sense and Sensibility.

Interesting Bonus Material: Deleted Scenes and Ensemble Commentary

In the extras, two deleted scenes reveal how these choices can completely alter the final cut and flavor of a film. The option to watch the movie again with the inclusion of outtakes promises a double track of laughter, given the ensemble’s jovial camaraderie.

In the bonus material, a short documentary about the making of Two Weeks Notice includes commentary from the actors and writer/director Marc Lawrence. The writer/director offers interesting observations about the collaboration involved in his latter role versus the isolation during the first stage of the creative process.

When you need some good laughs, you can count on Two Weeks Notice to sustain them over time and deliver a feel-good pickup in this charming romantic comedy.

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