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Silver Linings Playbook: Knock-Out Performances in Truth-Telling and Indirectly Humorous Roles

By Andrea K. Hammer

Like Joy, Silver Linings Playbook opens with potentially off-putting intensity, which is ultimately laced with underlying humor and heart. Based on the novel by Matthew Quick, the screenplay by director David O. Russell balances fever-pitch sensory overload with genuine humanity.

Knock-Out Performances in Complex Roles

With the same powerful chemistry, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence pair up again for two knock-out performances. As the love-sick Pat Solatano who has lost his house, job and wife, Bradley Cooper demonstrates his range and depth in this often unsettling role. He skillfully meets the challenge of multiple physically and emotionally explosive scenes throughout Silver Linings Playbook before seamlessly revealing compassion and tenderness at the core of his character.

Truth Telling, Unfiltered Comments and Indirect Humor

In another seemingly tough exterior role, Jennifer Lawrence also deftly balances the hidden broken-wing quality of her troubled character Tiffany. When she meets Pat, sparks fly, particularly with the fuel of her straight-up truth-telling style. Jennifer Lawrence’s ability to look squarely into Bradley Cooper’s eyes after serving up unfiltered comments is punctuated with unexpected and indirect humor–all delivered with masterful timing.

Eagles-Obsessed, Superstitious Father Expresses Honest Confusion

Playing Pat’s Eagles-obsessed and superstitious father, Robert De Niro also stands out in one of the most powerful roles in his career. As we watch him struggle with rage, fear and love for his son, Robert De Niro makes his mark in a scene expressing his honest confusion about trying to help Pat get back on his feet.

Familiar Philadelphia Scenes Featured in Comedy Drama

Philadelphians will get a big kick from seeing familiar locations featured in the movie. Even non-football fans will find the Eagles-related scenes hysterical. Dance enthusiasts will experience a thrill watching Pat and Tiffany’s dance competition at the Ben Franklin Hotel–and appreciate recognition of this life-changing discipline.

Extras Add a Rich and Valuable Layer to Comedy Drama

The extras add another rich and valuable layer to Silver Linings Playbook. Offering an opportunity to watch a dance rehearsal and Bradley Cooper‘s steadicam attempt, further awareness about the film’s serious issues is also raised. This unique comedy drama is a gripping one to add to every collection.




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