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8 Films for Upbeat Entertainment

By Andrea K. Hammer

Has the endless loop of bad news left you in need of upbeat entertainment? Here are some films that offer laughs and a lift:

My Big Fat Greek Wedding: Nia Vardalos captures the spirit of a zany extended family with hysterical accuracy. Introductions to a multitude of relatives with the same name, an aunt’s wacky description of her “bi-bopsy” at a party and future in-laws’ discovery of ouzo hold their laugh-meter impact even after multiple viewings.

My Life in Ruins: Nia Vardalos hits humorous notes again in this bonus travel escape to Greece. The perfect portrayal of an eclectic group of American tourists and the guide’s own surprising love interest provide a couple of hours of enjoyment in a distant land.

Letters to Juliet: For those interested in safe arm-chair travel, this romantic film is set in Verona, Italy. Focusing on the city where Romeo met Juliet, this cross-generational story with Vanessa Redgrave and Amanda Seyfried explores how the heartbroken rediscover old and new love.

Camilla: In another film about special bonds forged despite age differences, Jessica Tandy and Bridget Fonda find freedom during this wild road trip. Even though this feel-good comedy involves losing their car in a lake and other mishaps, their friendship blossoms during adventures pursuing everything they always wanted to do.

It Could Happen to You: Based on the true story about a customer (Nicholas Cage) who splits his lottery winnings with a waitress, Bridget Fonda plays the innocent contrasting the estranged and vulture-like wife (Rosie Perez). Although watching the latter character’s nastiness and listening to her chalk-on-a-blackboard screeching is a trial, the outcome is worth the effort.

Down With Love: As the best-selling feminist author Barbara Novak, Renee Zellweger generates sparks with playboy Catcher Block (Ewan McGregor). Along with David Hyde Pierce’s unique deadpan delivery, this romantic comedy includes a gag real in the bonus features.

Bridget Jones: In this film with guaranteed laughs, Renee Zellweger showcases her often physical comedy skills. Along with Hugh Grant’s often bemused reactions, scenes including Renee Zellweger‘s antics up and down a fire station pole while reporting a story produce belly laughs.

Morning Glory: In this comedy about the challenges of running a TV show in New York City, Rachel McAdams (Becky) deals with the on-air feud between two co-anchors (Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford). Special features include commentary by director Roger Michell and writer Aline Brosh McKenna about these eccentric characters.

Can you recommend another comedy or share tips about upbeat entertainment? Post your comments now!


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