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7 Films About Tapping Hidden Stores of Strength

By Andrea K. Hammer

Has dealing with another pandemic surge during a cold snap left you feeling depleted? These films, focusing on our capacity to tap into hidden stores of strength, will offer prime examples of pressing forward:

The African Queen: Even if this classic is not your cup of tea, scenes of Humphrey Bogart reluctantly going back into the leech-infested water will remain emblazoned in the mind. This Academy Award winner for Best Actor in The African Queen completely earned that title for conveying the ability to persist under horrifying circumstances.

Journey of Hope: Mirroring the current trend of those searching for a better life in different locations, this Academy Award-winning movie focuses on poor Kurdish villagers envisioning paradise in Switzerland. After losing most of their money and possessions by the time they reach the border, only their dream propels them by foot across the cold and dangerous mountain in Journey of Hope.

The Straight Story: Based on a true story about extraordinary determination, The Straight Story shows the actual 260-mile route that Alvin Straight traveled for 6 weeks on a lawnmower. Academy Award winner Richard Farnsworth powerfully conveys that even failing eyesight and the struggle to walk with two canes will not interfere with tenacity.

Billy Elliot: Fighting against the traditional expectations of taking boxing lessons, this 11-year-old miner’s son defines the meaning of discipline, drive and determination. Despite the initial disapproval of his blue-collar family embroiled in civil unrest, Billy Elliot is a testament to finding inner strength–with the help of a teacher who believes in his talent.

Turtle Diary: As a generally reserved man who hatches the plan to free giant sea turtles from a local zoo, Ben Kingsley reveals his gumption, which seems to surprise even himself. Even when the idea appears beyond the limits of his courage in Turtle Diary, the support of a children’s author (Glenda Jackson) facing creative burnout helps the pair achieve this¬† ambitious dream together.

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