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Two Days, One Night Presents a Difficult Dilemma for Co-Workers

By Andrea K. Hammer

In the category of digging down for hidden stores of strength, the film Two Days, One Night evolves from a simple and troubling premise. Riddled with conflict of the first order, the drama focuses on factory worker Sandra (Oscar winner Marion Cotillard) who needs to convince co-workers to change their vote for a 1,000-euro bonus so she can keep her job.

Oscar Winner’s Physical Portrayal of Internal Struggle

Unlike many films today, Two Days, One Night opens quietly until the ever-present cellphone beep finally rouses Sandra from her afternoon sleep escape. Dragging herself to answer the call with rounded shoulders and a sorrowful demeanor, Oscar winner Marion Cotillard physically conveys her internal struggle, resulting in sick leave and moving her closer to final dismissal.

As Sandra sinks and slumps through this dilemma now requiring major courage, her supportive husband Manu (Fabrizio Rongione) encourages Sandra to fight for her job so they can keep their family afloat. While physically bolstering his wife to get back on her feet, he juggles his own job while taking care of their two children and miraculously managing to remain fairly upbeat.

Compelling Scenes Including Ones Revealing a Conscience

A particularly poignant moment in the film is when the couple grips each other after Sandra asks Manu to forgive her for taking an overdose. Other compelling scenes occur when a weeping co-worker apologizes to Sandra for voting against her and releases pent up regret, which has tormented him. Along with this powerfully expressed and deeply felt remorse, several other actors in Two Days, One Night capture the co-workers’ inner struggle and uplifting sign of those who still have a conscience, sense of responsibility and desire to help each other.

Although disturbing, the portrayal of co-workers who refuse to relinquish their annual bonus is equally convincing in this drama. Some appear slightly troubled as they explain their need for the funds to pay bills and take care of other household needs. Others assume a steely, heartless stance while the discussion erupts into physical fights in a few cases.

Drama Raises Question About Viewers’ Choice in Similar Dilemma

In this dreadful choice imposed on these workers, Two Days, One Night presents a difficult dilemma: Would you sacrifice money needed to save a co-worker’s job?



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